We want to see the gospel impact every corner of our city—for the flourishing of Houston and the Church.

Impacting every corner or our city means intentionally reaching out to the unchurched and de-churched in their everyday settings. Through these efforts, we seek to see the Church grow and our city thrive.


We’re committed to planting churches across Houston so those who would never come to our campus know Jesus and find a church home.

Embrace Innovative Church Models
If you want to reach the non-believing communities in Houston, you can’t do church as usual. We believe in creating contextualized church models that are tailored to the neighborhood and people group that church is aiming to reach.
Train More Church Planters
Through our Church Planting Residency program, we will continue to mentor and train church planters to ensure that they have the plan, training, and resources they need to start a new church.
Financially Support New Churches
The goal is for each of our church plants to become self-sustaining within three years of launching. We’re tailoring the financial investment for each plant to reflect the unique needs of that church.
Plant 10 New Churches by 2024
As part of Vision 2020—which launched in 2016—we committed to plant 10 new churches by 2024. Here to Serve will position us to meet this goal, allowing us to reach neighborhoods and groups of people who would never come to our campus.

We will intentionally reach out to those wrestling with the truths of Christianity by creating welcoming contexts for the unchurched and dechurched.

Add More Alpha Locations
Our Alpha classes currently meet at a local YMCA, but we are reaching max capacity in that space. We would like to expand our offerings to multiple locations—potentially partnering with other churches.
Mobilize the FPC Community
We want to train our community on approachable evangelism—including how to listen and respond to people who have questions about faith and how to invite people to Alpha.
Hire a Full-time Staff Person
This person would oversee FPC’s evangelism efforts—using Alpha materials and approaches to build bridges between FPC and people outside the church.

We live in a city that has a heartbeat for innovation. We want to join in this movement, investing in innovative community ventures that help Houston flourish.

Mentor Gospel-Minded Entrepreneurs
We want to connect Gospel-minded entrepreneurs to the social, intellectual, and financial capital of First Presbyterian Church.
Focus on Projects in Houston
The first round of Project Flourish welcomed ideas with both city and global impact. This round will focus on projects that are specifically for the good of Houston.
Create 100+ Volunteer Opportunities
Project Flourish gives our members with business expertise the opportunity to mentor and serve the next wave of our city’s leaders. This is a unique opportunity to use gifts and skills in a different context, serve the city, and further the Gospel.
Award $250,000 in Seed Money
We are increasing our seed money by $10,000 to support even more ventures and leaders.
Total Cost: $3 million