By investing in our community and church today, we extend our legacy of faith into the future.

For us to truly live out our calling as a church and grow our ministry for another 180 years, we need to intentionally disciple the next generation of believers and invest in the development of our leaders so that our church and its ministries can thrive.


We’re reimagining our Children and Family Ministry spaces to be places that foster vibrant spiritual growth.

Relocate Kids Classrooms
We will relocate our Children and Family Ministry spaces to the Christian Education wing. With this update, all kids birth through 3rd grade will be in the same hallway.
Improve Classroom Environment
We’ll update new classrooms to make them more engaging and relevant, and we’ll combine four classrooms in this hallway for a large worship spaces for K-3rd grade kids.
Dedicated 4th/5th Grade Space
The basement of the Christian Education Wing will be completely renovated to create a space especially designed for our 4th and 5th graders—including a worship space, small group rooms, and new bathrooms that will be ADA-compliant. We’ll also install an elevator to provide easy access for parents between all three floors.
Enhance New Adult Spaces
On the second floor of this wing, we will provide additional adult education spaces for parent classes.

Discipleship is the lifeblood of this church. Robust and thriving faith is what will drive our mission forward—and that will always be grounded in the work of the Gospel in individual lives. To do this we will:

Continue Building Discipleship Pathways
We will continue offering high-quality, tailored learning opportunities to disciple believers of all ages to grow in faith—helping them develop a deep and informed faith that will last the entirety of their lives.
Invest in Strong and Healthy Youth and Young Adult Ministries
In a culture increasingly defined by loneliness and comparisons, we want to equip younger generations to root their identity in Christ and find their value in Him. To do this, we must provide the necessary resources to grow and strengthen our youth and young adult ministries.

Increase the Capacity of Main Street Fellowship
We want to grow our Main Street Fellowship program so that more people can be developed as leaders and trained in how to live their whole lives through the lens of the Gospel.

We are building a staff that is best-in-class and equipped to help lead the Gospel movement in Houston. To do this we will:

Focus on Leadership Development
We want to help staff continually improve in their roles and leadership capabilities, equipping them to guide our church with strength and longevity for the good of Houston’s Gospel movement. This includes a special focus on building up the leaders of our youth and young adult ministries.
Fill Open Positions and Attract Talent
Our desire is to attract and retain the most qualified ministry leaders and compensate them appropriately so that we are equipped for strong and healthy ministry for the long-term.

Through key technology improvements, our goal is to improve engagement opportunities and formative content on Sundays and throughout the week. To do this we will:

Upgrade & Add Screens
To feature dynamic content that supports preaching and worship, we will upgrade screens in the Grand Hall and invest in portable video screens that can be used in multiple places, including the sanctuary.
Expand Live Stream Capabilities
To offer live stream options from multiple services and both worship spaces, we will add additional cameras in both worship spaces; upgrade our live stream platform; build a second control room for the Grand Hall; and invest in related hardware, software, and sound equipment.
Build an In-House Video Studio
We will construct a video studio to provide a dedicated space for recording digital content. This will allow for quick and frequent production of content and facilitate additional pathways for worship and discipleship.
Invest in Digital Content
To connect with people every day of the week, not just on Sundays, we are investing in creating more digital content to build community and equip people. This new content is for use not only in worship but for creative distribution across web, social, and email platforms—to reach people wherever they are.
Total Cost: $6 million