Our strategic location is both a responsibility and opportunity to use our space to share the love of Jesus.

God has placed us in this neighborhood—among big thinkers and change-making institutions—to engage with culture as a voice of grace and truth. By making our campus more inviting, we serve not only our own congregation but we open the door for our neighbors and visitors to encounter the love of Jesus on our campus.


To help people feel welcome from the moment they arrive, we need to improve the entrance experience, from parking lot to front door.

Rearrange the North Parking Lot
We’ll re-do the North parking lot, rearranging the flow of traffic and parking direction for a better driver experience and to ensure safety for those walking in the parking lot.
Expand the South Parking Lot
We’ll also increase parking spaces on the south side of the building.
Build a Walkway to Front Door
To aid pedestrian traffic flow, we’ll build a walkway from the North parking lot that angles toward the front door of the sanctuary. This will guide people to our main door rather than our side door.

We want to share our space. We can make our campus grounds about more than just “us” in how it looks and how it welcomes all into what God is doing here.

Introduce a New Fellowship Space
We will expand our hospitality spaces next to the sanctuary to encourage community building on Sundays and for special occasions, and allow for better flow between services.
Build an Outdoor Fellowship Space
On the Main Street side of the campus, we will build an outdoor deck where people can gather between services and throughout the week. Connected to the new fellowship space by glass doors, it will also allow our neighbors to see the life happening within our church.
Create a Shared Walkway
Along the south side of the campus, we will build a shared walkway for those leaving the Museum of Fine Arts, helping to integrate our two spaces.
Relocate Playground
We will improve and relocate our playground for young kids, placing it right outside the new children’s space and next to the big kids’ playground.

To steward the gift God has given us through this building, we need to make facility updates that will aid in creating a more welcoming environment.

Refresh and Repair Our Building
Parts of our building are in significant need of routine maintenance and repair. To continue offering members and guests the best possible experience in our building, we will perform necessary building maintenance and updates.
Total Cost: $13 million